If a Tree Falls in Your Yard, You’ll Hear It

If a Tree Falls in Your Yard, You’ll Hear It

And you’ll need emergency tree services in the Norman, OK area

When a tree falls in the forest, who knows if it makes a sound? But when that huge old oak falls in your front yard, you won’t be able to ignore the resulting crash.

Whether your tree was struck by lightning, blown over by high winds or just fell for no apparent reason, the emergency tree removal team at DMT Tree Care will respond quickly to take care of the damage.

Call us as soon as you hear the telltale sound of a falling tree. No matter the time, we’ll be there to perform emergency tree services in Norman, OK or surrounding areas.

Count on us for more than tree removal services

If a storm roars through the Norman, OK area and damages one of your trees, don’t worry. Just call DMT Tree Care for emergency tree removal services.

In addition to removing the damaged tree, our dedicated team will:

  • Inspect other parts of your yard to check for hazards
  • Refer you to reliable local repair companies
  • Help you file your insurance claim

To learn more about our emergency tree services, contact us today.